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M:N in Contest #1

M:N Relationship is a recurring object of my interest for a long time.
So the subject turns up with me repeatedly.
For this article, I found a nice example with TWO  separate M:N relationships. Some M:N².


It is not pure fiction but taken from a closer view of OEX Contests that we run on a regular base.

Short summary of the demo case: 

  • Up to now, we have seen 23 International Contests, #24 is just running
  • We have seen 183 prizes assigned + 23 new ones in the actual contest
  • The prizes are split into categories eXperts and Community
  • These prizes are actually distributed to 35 Winners that I grouped into 5 regions

I think this is a nice subject to be investigated in IRIS.
And the numbers are small enough to follow easily.


  • It is all organized in standard object Classes / Tables 
  • The whole interface is written in Object Script as CHUI (no Py, Java, Angular, ...)     - not to distract from essential concept  by fancy graphic
  • You see maintenance for Contests, Prizes, WInners, Assignments
  • For Statistics display of the generated SQL Queries is an option.

Detailed handling is part of the 2nd article related to the package.
Just follow the link and watch the Video.


In the demo, all Personal Names have been anonymized for personal data protection.
Information on contest dates and prizes are from public available OEX pages.
The grouping of winners in regions is my personal approximation.

Sneek Previews: 

Total Prizes by Region 

Winner's Profile (Shortened)

And of course,   there is just no limit to your own creativity

Version 0.0.2 improved statistic #5

Demo Video

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