ED Coder · Dec 24, 2018

Mirror Monitoring issue, status saying down even if it is running

Hi, would really appreciate your advice on how I can restart the mirror-monitor. I've followed the instructions and restarted the mirror monitor, and still the status seems to be down. Can you point me to some resource or steps that I can follow ?

I logged into %SYS terminal and restarted the mirror monitor and it says that it is running

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If you go to the management portal for the "down" mirror, are their any errors that might point to the issue?

I recently saw this happen where the mirror had run out of space to store the journal files, so the mirror stopped functioning and was showing as "down".

Hi Juilan, 

The space was the first thing I checked, and it seems to be ok. I logged into the mirror portal, and can see the the status says "waiting". Is there anything that I can do in this case?

Thank you so much for responding to my query, I appreciate it

Hi Eric.

My first check would be looking at the console log for that instance to see if there's anything wobbling in the background. Specifically checking for any entries around the time the monitor thinks it has gone down.

Failing that, it's probably worth going to WRC. The last thing I think you need this close to Christmas is the Primary dropping and you needing the Mirror to be working.

Eric, consider contacting the InterSystems WRC if you have not found and resolved the issue so a support advisor can help you.

Thank You Erik, thats what I've done..

- Also check if ISCAgent  is active running.
- next check if you can have a network connection between both mirror menbers

(e.g accessing  Mgmt Portal from Primary to Backup und and reverse)

And also in Unix/Linux. 
It's important that the agents of all participants can talk to each other.   (I just was hit by a misconfigured firewall)

I think Robert Cemper hit the nail on the head. ISCAgent is a service in Windows, make sure it is running on both the primary and the asyncs/Failover members.