Michel Bruyère · Nov 9, 2018

Message Viewer

By using the screen "Message Viewer", which parameters have to be specified to know if a segment HL7 exists ; for example, OBX?

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One approach would be to search the raw content.

Criterion Type = Body Property
Class = EnsLib.HL7.Message
Condition, IF [RawContent] [Contains] [OBX|]

Or you could search on a field that is always present in that segment

Criterion Type = VDoc Segment Field
Class = EnsLib.HL7.Message
Condition, IF [2.3:OBX] [SetIDOBX)] [!=] []

Thanks for your answer.

The second possibility is the one I use but we are never sure that the field will be fulfil (SetIDOBX).

The first one, I didn’t know that “RawContent” is available this way. That’s the one that definitely I choice.