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When data in the global buffer pool is written back to the database ach block is encrypted and stored. When data is retrieved it is decrypted as it is pulled into the Global Buffer Pool. When data is pulled from the Global buffer pool into your process it remains unencrypted. So there is an implicit cost in encrypting and decrypting the data blocks but this only happens in that single place of retrieval and storing. I can't remember what the cost is relative to not using encryption but it is documented. The same applies to data moving between IRIS and a web page and any tcp based communications

Is it possible to have a version if this that doesn't require docker? I can't run docker on my laptop and am still getting my docker on Ubuntu on my Pi up and running. 

Fortran would be my guise. Fortran is getting a bit of a makeover and there is renewed interest in it. I was reading somewhere the other day and they mentioned that fortran and some of the earliest languages are making a comeback because of their lowlevel interaction with devices and hardware. An art we have long forgotton but there is renewed desire for people to get to the low bits and bytes and fortran is one way

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