Ravi Akkiraju · Oct 12, 2019

Maximum rules in a single router

Wondering if there is a limit on max number of rules you can have in a single router? For outbound ADT we are approaching 60. From performance standpoint is it worthwhile to create a new router component and the service sending the same inbound message to 2 processes?

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When we were going through our conversion from egate to Ensemble,  it was suggested not to have anymore that 25 rules within a Business Router. Anymore than that caused us severe performance issues when it came to making sure our downstream systems was receiving the messages in time.

Scott Roth

Thank you Scott. So assuming you were pushing to multiple targets at the service level?

So far we have ended up with like 4 routing rules just for ADT alone to get it do the Ancillary systems.  

Also note that sending to multiple targets in the same Send Action has a smaller performance footprint than multiple Rules or Send Actions with a single target.

However, this is not always helpful depending on the to specific constraints and logic needed in the Rule Set.