Evgeny Shvarov · Feb 12, 2017

Mandatory or queried filters for the dashboards


There are DeepSee dashboards,  which make sense only when filtered.

Usually, they are used as Drill Target or New_window control with SETTINGS=Widget;FILTER=filtervalue.

Is there a way to hide such dashboard from the Catalog or/and request the filter value once it is opened by User?

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What's the problem with specifying default value for  filter control?

There are cases when the filter should be chosen by the user. 

Suppose you are creating the Dashboard which shows the stats of contribution for the particular member in Developer Community.

The dashboard makes sense only with a member as a filter. What member to choose by default?

I do not think there is a way to ask the user to select a user before displaying the dashboard. 

Maybe you can try setting the filter as required in the dashboard settings and as default value using a run-time variable. The run-time variable should return the current username. To return the current user start from the COS $username special variable.