· Aug 9, 2016

List of COS equivalents of common Java statements?

A new Health Connect customer has a few experienced Java folks on their interface team. As they get more into Health Connect and learn Caché ObjectScript they thought it would be useful to have a list of common Java statements with an equivalent statement in ObjectScript. They mentioned string manipulation as an example, but would be interested in other areas as well.
This seems like something that is probably already floating around somewhere. Does anyone have something like this or other "COS jumpstart for Java devs" materials?


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Hi Marc,

As a starting point, I recommend that you have the developers review the Cache ObjectScript (COS) documentation at the InterSystems web site:

The documentation has many reference guides and tutorials that will be helpful for any developer (new or experienced).

The developers will quickly see a lot of similar comparisons between the basic Java commands and COS commands.  Cache has various looping structures, such as For, While, and Do..While looping commands.  COS procedure blocks has local variable scoping.  COS works hand-in-hand with Cache Objects and can call class methods, instance methods, etc...

The great news is that COS is very easy to learn and use for any developer.  Also, in addition to the online Cache documentation, there is the InterSystems Cache Developer Community that has tons of wonderful information.  After your developers start using COS/Cache Objects, have them join this community, so they can ask questions about specific design or coding issues they might encounter.  There is a whole international community of Cache Developers always willing to help out.

Best of luck to you and your developers.

Best Regards,

John Hotalen