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Andreas Dieckow · Dec 6, 2016

Licensing: Ubuntu and SUSE with 2017.1 and later

Starting with 2017.1, InterSystems is adding Ubuntu (64-bit) as a third linux server platform. Prior to 2017.1 Ubuntu was already available as a development platform and customers could use InterSystems distributions build for SUSE to run on Ubuntu. As a result there are a few license key implications for 64-bit linux versions starting with Caché and Ensemble 2017.1:

a) Customers using RedHat will observe no changes

b) Customers using InterSystems products(1) for SUSE on SUSE will need new license keys (no charge)

c) Customers using InterSystems products(1) for SUSE on Ubuntu will need new license keys (free of charge for 12 month(2))

(1) Caché, Ensemble, HealthShare, and TrakCare

(2) Starting with the Release of 2017.1

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Ubuntu as a supported server platform!

Nice :-)

Thanks Andreas for the details

Thanks, Andreas.

Will Caché_for_Ubuntu Field Test kit be published on your Developer Download portal?


  From where can I download the cache for ubuntu 2017.x version. I am only capable to find out the Windows/Suse/Redhat versions but not the Ubuntu one.


You are looking at the download site for free copies of the software for evaluation.

Supported customers can download the Ubuntu kits from the Distributions page in the WRC:

Contact your account manager if you don't have access and think you should.

Is there a reason that free evaluation versions of the Ubuntu distribution are not being offered?

Hi Cole!

I don't have the answer on your question but why would you need Caché Free Evaluation on Ubuntu when you have the IRIS Community Edtion available on any of AWS, Google or Azure as a container?

I mean if you wanna try Caché today I'd recommend trying IRIS on public clouds or on InterSystems Labs and Quick Starts.

Because, Evgeny, my employer does not use IRIS, not do they employ any kind of cloud based solution. I need an Ubuntu evaluation version so that I can code locally on my own private server before pushing to the production servers.

Aha. You use Cache Studio Evaluation for development. Still have a question: why your employer doesn't give you the full version on Ubuntu which could be downloaded from WRC

On the other hand, you don't need a cloud to develop on IRIS Community Edition.  Check @Dmitry Maslennikov recent article. He develops locally on IRIS CE in docker using VSCode.

I was under the impression that I would need at least a license or two to use the full version for development, whereas the evaluation version let's me use single user mode for free

Is Ubuntu still supported for HealthShare Information Exchange as Production Server Platforms?