Licensing: Ubuntu and SUSE with 2017.1 and later

Starting with 2017.1, InterSystems is adding Ubuntu (64-bit) as a third linux server platform. Prior to 2017.1 Ubuntu was already available as a development platform and customers could use InterSystems distributions build for SUSE to run on Ubuntu. As a result there are a few license key implications for 64-bit linux versions starting with Caché and Ensemble 2017.1:

a) Customers using RedHat will observe no changes

b) Customers using InterSystems products(1) for SUSE on SUSE will need new license keys (no charge)

c) Customers using InterSystems products(1) for SUSE on Ubuntu will need new license keys (free of charge for 12 month(2))

(1) Caché, Ensemble, HealthShare, and TrakCare

(2) Starting with the Release of 2017.1


Ubuntu as a supported server platform!

Nice :-)

Thanks Andreas for the details

Thanks, Andreas.

Will Caché_for_Ubuntu Field Test kit be published on your Developer Download portal?


  From where can I download the cache for ubuntu 2017.x version. I am only capable to find out the Windows/Suse/Redhat versions but not the Ubuntu one.


Is Ubuntu still supported for HealthShare Information Exchange as Production Server Platforms?