· Jan 27, 2021

License occupied 100% situation

许可证检测中,当前许可证使用达到100%,我们应该如何迅速处理解决它?并且不影响生产环境。 In license detection, the current license usage reaches 100%. How can we deal with it quickly? And does not affect the production environment.

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There is no 1 universal answer to explain 100% license usage, nor 1 solution to free up the licenses. Longhua Huang asked if a restart would "fix" the license problem, but that entirely depends on what is using the licenses. If you restart and the licenses get used again, you are no better off.

You need to look at what is taking up your licenses and understand what is going on in your application that could be triggering this. Were you running the instance without license issues before? If so, what changed? Maybe it is unusually high levels of activity or some particular action, but it would be unlikely for you and your commenters to be experiencing the same issue.

You can use the methods in this linked documentation to view your license usage. If you can't make progress in investigating, the WRC can work with you to look into your license usage.