· Oct 9, 2023

The leading bookmark extension for VS Code now works with server-side editing workspaces

Until a couple of days ago the most downloaded bookmark extension for VS Code, Bookmarks by Alessandro Fragnani, wasn't able to handle the isfs file references that the InterSystems ObjectScript extension uses when you are operating in a Studio-like way and editing classes & routines directly in a namespace.

In support of our efforts at George James Software to facilitate migration from Studio I raised the issue with Alessandro and helped him resolve the incompatibility. So if you are a Studio migrant and have been missing its bookmarking capabilities, install this:

If you had installed it previously, be sure to update to v13.4.2.

Please note that the author of this extension will be pleased to receive sponsorship, either one-off or recurring, in appreciation for his work and to support future development. Sponsoring via GitHub is easy, and a great way to promote a thriving extensions ecosystem.

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