prashantha M · Aug 2, 2020

Kafka Java Host

I'm trying to produce Kafka Message to Topic using Java Objects. I have build Business operation and  Jar file and trying to execute. I'm getting following exception 

Terminating Job 8316 / 'IrisKafkaProducer' with Status = ERROR #5046: Error executing java command 'init() returned: "ERROR #5034: Invalid status code structure ("java.sql.SQLException: [InterSystems IRIS JDBC] Communication link failure: Access Denied")"'. Java may not be installed correctly on your system., %QuitTask=

Getting following trace at Audit Database


2020-08-02 14:30:06.822 %System %Login LoginFailure 8318     com.intersystems.gateway.Jav login failure Details
  2020-08-02 14:30:02.558 %System %Login LoginFailure 8315     com.intersystems.gateway.Jav login failure Details
  2020-08-02 14:30:02.268 %System %Login Login 6256 qq0JACa9Sa _Ensemble %Service_Login


Could somebody help me out here

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Looks like there's some issues with InterSystems IRIS accessing Java Gateway.

Are there some additional Details available in audit log?

Here's a sample implementation of Kafka Producer via PEX Java BO.

It’s giving issue for credentials , I have set Superuser and password, I’m able to call through Irissession 

could you please help better understanding of the credentials, after mapping user with admin Privileged user also it’s not working 

I'm not sure where you get the credentials error.

The flow should be from InterSystems IRIS to Java BS/BO and it's credential-less.

Check the docs.

I followed same steps and having same issue , let me past sample and highlighted <Property name="Credentials">, after giving right credentials, its failing  


Tried getting following exception

Terminating Job 20085 / 'KafkaProducer' with Status = ERROR #8104: Gateway Exception: <GATEWAY> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method) Could not initialize class example.KafkaBusinessOperation, %QuitTask=

I have all the required class files and dependencies , I'm facing some crazy issue , while setting up Java host, when I try to import Jar file , it tells class files doesn't exist , but if I unzip the jar files , I can all the class files 

If you run "jar -tf" onto the jar file,  does the directory structure of the jar file match example/KafkaBusinessOperation?

yes , its showing the required class there any JDK version issues or any configuration required

I'm getting following exception when i try to create Java Business Hosts and import the jar files, i have implemented with PEX BO/BS

The selected file does not contain any classes which can be imported as a java business host.  Try selecting a different jar file