· Aug 2, 2020

Kafka Java Host

I'm trying to produce Kafka Message to Topic using Java Objects. I have build Business operation and  Jar file and trying to execute. I'm getting following exception 

Terminating Job 8316 / 'IrisKafkaProducer' with Status = ERROR #5046: Error executing java command 'init() returned: "ERROR #5034: Invalid status code structure ("java.sql.SQLException: [InterSystems IRIS JDBC] Communication link failure: Access Denied")"'. Java may not be installed correctly on your system., %QuitTask=

Getting following trace at Audit Database


2020-08-02 14:30:06.822 %System %Login LoginFailure 8318     com.intersystems.gateway.Jav login failure Details
  2020-08-02 14:30:02.558 %System %Login LoginFailure 8315     com.intersystems.gateway.Jav login failure Details
  2020-08-02 14:30:02.268 %System %Login Login 6256 qq0JACa9Sa _Ensemble %Service_Login


Could somebody help me out here

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I followed same steps and having same issue , let me past sample and highlighted <Property name="Credentials">, after giving right credentials, its failing