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Yeah, the JVM encoding problem has been discovered internally and we're actively trying to correct it.

The %qparsets issue that you're seeing has been resolved internally and should be shipped as part of IRIS 2022.1.0

To resolve the issues with airlines.dat, do the following

Add to the JVM arguments of %Java Sever, "-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8" without the quotes

Edit airlines.dat and make the following changes

  • Replace "\N" which is a MySQL specific token with "" (i.e. the empty string). Due to specific interactions with InterSystem's JDBC clients with IRIS, "" is interpreted as NULL when inserted as a string. 
  • Replace "\\'" (the escaped apostrophe) with "'" (just the single apostrophe) as InterSystem's JDBC clients do not require the escape character (which would otherwise be required in SQL).

This will allow all 6162 rows be inserted.

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