· Apr 7, 2022

Issue in converting FHIR JSON to SDA.

Hi Team,

While converting FHIR JSON to SDA the file is being converted but, some of the data gets removed during conversion. Please help me out if you know the reason behind this.

Thanks in advance.

Harshdeep Acharya

Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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Hi Harshdeep,

It's not something I read so much as figured out the hard way.  But here is the link to the HS.SDA3.CodeTableDetail.CareProvider object:

Which says, "In the Viewer Cache, CareProviders are matched on Code, SDACodingStandard,
Description, and CareProviderType (which is itself a code table). Other
properties are updated if different."

I think that the "matched on" properties are required in order to store the object.  So, setting a Name, but not a Code, will not store the object (this was my example).

As for the properties in FHIR that will map to the necessary SDA properties... you'll have to find the Schema Documentation for FHIR, on your instance's System Management Portal. I think that will be under HealthShare / HealthShareManagement  / Schema Documentation / FHIR Annotations. 

Possibly that will help.