· Dec 20, 2022

IRISHealth Mumps/Cache Routines


In which folder under the "C:>InterSystems>IRISHealth" are the Mumps/cache routine stored?  These are the routines created via the Studio module of the IRISHealth application.

Thank you!

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Thanks for all the help!
I should have started with the problem so here it is:
Yesterday I noticed my IRIS application was not running.  So when I tried to start, I got the "Local license key file not found" message.  I tried to repair the instance with no luck.  I also can't remove the instance.  I also can't install a new instance.  I have also restarted my laptop to no avail.  In the IRIS application, Terminal is active but Studio isn't.  However, I can't access Terminal either.  I am pretty much dead in the water.  The install file I have been running is "IRISHealth_Community-2021.2.0.651.0-win_x64.exe".
Any help is greatly appreciated!

@Jamshid Dehghanian  - You are running a Community Edition of InterSystems IRIS for Health, and the built-in license key will only work for approximately one year and then will expire ... this may lead to the message you're seeing.  Options include:

- Go to and download the latest version of InterSystems IRIS for Health Community Edition

- Reach out to your account manager and ask for an extended Community Edition key that you can install on your instance

Note - your routines and classes will be stored within the Routine DB for your Namespace, so you should be able to look in the SMP and see which iris.dat this is and you can just make a copy of that file on the OS level (stop InterSystems IRIS first).  This will ensure that you don't lose anything for that namespace.  You can also back up your data database if that is important to you.  When you upgrade to a newer kit these should be preserved anyway, but I understand you'd like extra insurance so this is the way to ensure that.

Hope that helps