· May 26, 2020

IRIS Python Native API - Documentation Issue

Hi everyone! I was using the InterSystems Native API for Python and following the documentation I tried to use this method ( after a while I realize that this method doesn't exist. Looking at the object I can see the method: irisnative.iris.getClientVersion which doesn't exist in documentation (and probably does the same thing)

I'm using the irisnative-1.0.0-cp34-abi3-macosx_10_13_x86_64.macosx_10_14_x86_64.whl

How can we fix the documentation (or the class method name)?

In this screenshot the real methods that I've found

Real Methods in iris class

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Thanks for finding this. We'll fix it. We have two sets of Python doc: the automatically generated reference (from source code comments) ,  which you were using and the User's Guide and Reference , which has the correct information.

Obviously we generated the reference with an earlier version of the software and didn't update it after the change. We will fix that.

I would recommend using the User's Guide and Reference rather than the automatically generated one.

If you find any problems in the User's Guide and Reference, you can click on the Help us improve this page tab on the right and we'll fix it. We haven't yet added it to the automatically-generated reference. You can also send us a comment  at

The WRC is InterSystems Worldwide Resource Center, our support group. No need to contact them over this, but they are a great resource for many issues.