· Mar 28, 2022

IRIS on NAS-Server?

Did anybody tried/ suceeded to install IRIS System on a NAS Server?

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Unclear what you mean exactly but if you're wondering if IRIS will install on something like a Synology Disk Station - yes - it works just fine using either Docker w/ containers or full VM Server experience where you first install an OS like RedHat or Ubuntu into a VM and then install the appropriate kit.

Obviously would only be done for development purposes and not a production like scenario. Most NAS servers can't push the required IOPS to properly support a production IRIS server.

I have also looked into installing the db onto a NAS drive (but not using Docker).

From my understanding, you cannot do this with the free community version of Iris/Cache, I believe a licenced version would enable this functionality. I haven't purchased a licence to prove this as I can't justify buying a personal licence for myself.

Professionally though, where the company I work for have purchased licences, a local installation of Iris/Cache can access different db's on remote servers.

I hope that helps.

my guess was is it should be possible with any (os matching) iris/ cache -

your intention is to remotely access the databases on the nas? if you don't directly mount the database via filesystem (i'm not going to do that, too big fear from latency) you anyway have to have a installed db server on the NAS System to enable advanced features (don't know the name ist it ecp protocoll?)

obviously did understand the question quite well ;-) - already thought about the possibility with docker. The other possibility i was wondering was not VM but install that directly.

Qnap (my Station) is based on Linux so theoretically shouldn't be impossible; My guess that this could become quite compilicated as the OS probably  is very customized