· Aug 4, 2018

IRIS and the Cloud Platform Packages

Hey folks,

I am new to IRIS and cloud platforms. I've done the InterSystems IRIS Experience on the learning site and read a lot of the online documentation. What I am unable to figure out is which type of package or option you will use on the cloud provider.

AWS for example, has AWS EC2, Elastic Beanstalk and some other products geared towards Docker containers.
Azure has Kubernetes and some other options.

Is IRIS and Docker deployed using the "Docker" products of the cloud providers, or should one get VM's on which CentOS is installed and Docker on top of that? Any advice, guidance or clarification on this will be great.

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There are many ways to launch InterSystems IRIS.

If you want to launch it on AWS you can do it one of the following ways.

  1. Provision a EC2 instance with SUSE/RHEL/Ubuntu AMI and install InterSystems IRIS on Linux. Here's the guide. Quickstart.
  2. Provision a EC2 instance with SUSE/RHEL/Ubuntu AMI, install Docker and run InterSystems IRIS  in a container. Documentation. First Look.
  3. Use InterSystems Cloud Manager to provision AMI and run InterSystems IRIS. Documentation. First Look.

What to choose?

  • If you need to run a lot of or a variable number of servers choose 3.
  • If you're unfamiliar with Docker choose 1.
  • If you're familiar with Docker (or want to become familiar with it) choose 2.