Yaron Munz · Feb 24, 2022

IPQW process state

Hello guys,

Does anyone know what is a process status IPQW ?

We get it in jobs that do some SQL..

Thanks in advance.

Yaron Munz 

Product version: IRIS 2021.1
$ZV: IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2021.1 (Build 215_0_21323U) Wed Dec 22 2021 10:17:28 EST
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my wild guess InterProcessQueueWait
might be related to parallel processing or sharding  ???

Old post, but in case anyone is searching for this (like I just did), IPQW would be "Waiting on IPQ" plus the "Hibernating" flag.  The docbook says:

The current state of a process is determined by the processes state bits.
The following are all the different states a process can be in. The process may also have a number of different flags within these states which are appended to the end of the state name:
LOCK - Executing a Lock command
OPEN - Opening a device
CLOS - Closing a device
USE - Using a device
READ - Read command
WRT - Write command
GGET - Executing a $Get on a global
GSET - Setting a global
GKLL - Killing a global
GORD - $Order on a global
GQRY - $Query on a global
GDEF - $Data on a global
ZF - Executing a $ZF command
HANG - Executing a Hang command
JOB - Executing a Job command
EXAM - Executing a variable exam
BRD - Executing a broadcast
SUSP - Process is suspended
INCR - Executing a $Increment
BSET - Global Set $Bit
BGET - Global $Bit
EVT - Waiting on event
SLCT - Waiting on Socket Select
SEM - Waiting on Semaphore
IPQ - Waiting on IPQ
DEQ - Waiting on De-queue or Queue Move
RUN - Process is running Here are the flags which can be appended to the state: CS - cluster slave job waiting for net answer
NL - Net lock waiting
DT - The dead job has open transaction
S - Suspension requested
GW - Global Wait
NR - Net Read
D - Dead
H - Halting
NH - Netharden
N - Remote network
W - Hibernating