Joaquin Montero · Mar 2, 2020

InterSystems Kubernetes Operator documentation

Hi Everyone,

I've been working on deploying an IRIS for Health environment in EKS. There is a video session in the InterSystems learning portal about this feature but I have not succeeded in finding the proper documentation and resources to use this in my Kubernetes cluster.

Has this been deprecated/discontinued? Any idea where can I find the resources? Should I stick to StatefulSets instead of using the IrisCluster resource type provided by this operator?

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I cannot find any real information about the Kubernetes operator either. They said in the video that it's ready and working, but it does not seem that way.

Hi Guys

Thank you for your interest on the InterSystems Kubernetes Operator.

We are working hard at preparing it to be available for 2020.2 timeframe.

Stay tuned.