Luis-Ángel Pére... · Jun 17, 2019

Intersystems IRIS Dialect for HIBERNATE

Good morning!

I am developing a Java project (Spring Boot + Maven + Hibernate) but I've a big issue when I try to define the Hibernate Dialect org.hibernate.dialect.InterSystemsIRISDialect... that dialect is neither in the Hibernate library nor in the IRISDriver class com.intersystems.jdbc

How should I define the IRISDialect in my project?


Thank you in advance!

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I think there may be another jar, probably available from, which has the driver.  I don't know for certain, but I think that is how things work.  Note "org.hibernate.dialect" as the prefix of the URL means that hibernate has and owns the driver, including its support.

Just my two cents,


Thank you Jonathan for your answer, but I don't find any reference to InterSystemsIRISDialect in any page of Hibernate.

It's mysterious...