· Nov 25, 2023

Get Inspired: Winners of InterSystems IntegratedML challenge at Cal Hacks hackathon 2023

Cal Hacks 2023 was a phenomenal event! This annual hackathon, organized by the University of California, Berkeley, brought together a diverse and talented group of innovators.

Kudos to the outstanding winners of the InterSystems IntegratedML challenge:

🥇1st Place - MultiMed Vision+ DevPost  

This healthcare app designed for generational wellness, harnessing the power of multi-modal LLMs to offer personalized AI-driven health management.

🥈2nd Place - Health Insurance 4 Dummies DevPost 

 This application predicts and explain health insurance costs based on personal info.

🥉3rd Place – MBTIFY DevPost 

This project leverages advanced Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies to administer streamlined and adaptive MBTI personality tests through fewer than 10 short-answer questions.



Congratulations to the winners! Well done!

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