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InterSystems DC Past Contests - a successful journey

I compiled some data about past InterSystems DC constest. Some statistics:

  • 64 applications (17% of all current apps into OEX - 377 apps in december/2020)
  • 08 contests
  • 29 developers

See the summary:

Contest Winner Apps Total Apps Benefits to the community
InterSystems IRIS, Docker and ObjectScript BlocksExplorer, ISC DEV, sql-builder, isc-generate-db, declarative-objectscript 20 New open source utilities to maintain and develop SQL and admin Caché and IRIS
InterSystems IRIS with REST API iris-history-monitor, Production Manager, JSON-Filter, simple-spellchecker 7 New utilities to admin and manage IRIS Interoperability productions
InterSystems IRIS Native API iris-python-suite, WebSocket Client JS, ObjectScript Kernel 8 How to use IRIS with Python, Node.js and Java and new utilities to change data with IRIS Native API
InterSystems IRIS AI iris-integratedml-monitor-example, iris-ml-suite, ESKLP, SAPPHIRE 4 How to use Python and AutoML to do IA and utilities to do IA with IRIS
InterSystems IRIS for Health FHIR iris-fhir-portal, iris4health-fhir-analytics, fhir-chatbot 5 How to use IRIS do to FHIR healthcare advanced analytics and see operational FHIR records
InterSystems Full Stack npm-iris, apptools-admin, realworld-intersystems-iris, restoreUI 9 Full stack samples using IRIS, Angular, HTML5 and database utilities
InterSystems Interoperability Open API Client Gen, OCR Service, IRIS Interoperability Message Viewer 9 Utility to generate productions from Swagger, Advanced UI for productions and OCR support to IRIS using PEX
InterSystems Analytics iris-analytics-notebook, website-analyzer, iris-analytics-package 4 Execute IRIS analysis sentences into notebooks, do NLP into website content and create your dashboard and cubes from a CSV in seconds.


Developers: Aleksandr Kalinin, alex kosinets, Alexey Maslov, Alexey Nechaev, davi massaru teixeira muta, David Crawford, Dmitrii Kuznetsov, Dmitry Maslennikov, Gevorg Arutiunian, Henrique Gonçalves Dias, Henry Hamon Pereira, José Roberto Pereira Jr, Lorenzo Scalese, Maks Atygaev, Mark Erwin Villarina, Muni Ganesh, Nikita Mullin,Nikolay Soloviev, Oleh Dontsov, Oliver Wilms,Renato Banzai, Rob Tweed, Robert Cemper,Rubens Silva, Sergey Kamenev,Sergey Mikhailenko,Vasiliy Bondar, YURI MARX PEREIRA GOMES.

The DC Team: @Evgeny Shvarov, @Irina.Podmazko, @Olga Zavrazhnova, @Anastasia Dyubaylo and some ISC sales engineers like @Eduard Lebedyuk supporting this fantastic team, was very nice to organize these fantastic contests.

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