· Apr 23, 2023

Interoperability "Productions" Stop and Start from command line

Is it possible to stop and start a production from the command line?

If so please tell me the command and hopefully a link to the documentation for such a function.

I understand that you can have only one production per namespace; namespace has to be enabled for production.


Product version: IRIS 2022.2
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@Padmaja Konduru's solution works from the IRIS/Caché prompt when in the proper namespace.

If you need to be able to script this from the OS, there will be additional steps required, such as piping command input to iris session <instance> from the OS shell. You will likely need to include a username and password in the piped input, which is generally not a good idea. Enabling OS authentication may be an option, but that's a global setting and not (easily) configurable per-user.

I assumed there would be a way to accomplish this with a form of OS/Delegated authentication, but I may be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time wink

EDIT:​​​​​ Let me amend that. OS authentication works only for users whose OS accounts exist in IRIS, right? So don't create any IRIS users that have matching OS accounts ... With the exception of the account that needs OS authentication.