Milena Donato · Dec 27, 2017

I can't start the Terminal to a remote server

Hi everyone

How can I connect using the Terminal to a remote server?

I changed the server indication on the Healthshare icon on the Windows toolbar.

The management portal works but not the Terminal. When I open the terminal it displays only some information about the server ("SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_7.2p2 Ubuntu-4ubuntu2.2"), but it doesn't give the possibility to log in.

Do you have any suggestions how I could fix it?

Thanks a lot and best regards


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Telnet port 23 is typically blocked on Unix/Linux Servers.

I'd suggest to use some other terminal program with support of SSH to log in (eg. Putty

But be aware on UNIX/LINUX you log in to a shell and have to start csession  for "Terminal like" access

Robert's suggestion is the answer nearly all the time, but it's interesting that the messages seem to show an SSH server responding on the port you are using. If you want to use SSH, Robert is right: use an external SSH client and open port 22 on the remote server.

If you definitely need to use Telnet, you need to have a Telnet server (something like telnetd) running on the remote Ubuntu server and open TCP port 23.

If you are stuck, contact the WRC ( and an advisor can help you.


SSH is more secure. Open telnet port can cause security problems.

Alternatively you can use WebTerminal.

Windows versions of Caché come with a built-in telnet server.  If you're running Caché on Windows, you can configure it to run a telnet server just through the system management portal.  Caché on other platforms does not have this.  On any other platform (such as the Ubuntu mentioned above), you need to install separate software to run a telnet or SSH server.  

I would strongly recommend only using the telnet service with Kerberos or SSL.  Plain telnet is a huge security risk and should not be used. 

On the client side, you will also need a client to connect to the  server.  The client will need to be able to use the same protocol the server expects.  The Caché client tools include a telnet client which supports Kerberized telnet and telnet with SSL.  Putty is a telnet and SSH client, but I don't think it has support for telnet with SSL or Kerberized telnet.    

I have a doubt on this. If we are changing the telnet port from the System management portal, can we use the telnet feature without using any SSH (Putty )or telnetd services?


Thanks in advance.