Minsu Kim · Feb 5, 2018

I am curious about Terminal function

Hi global developers!

I am using terminal but I have some problem with it.

I use $C(1) (ascii code 1) to separate data but I can't see it in the terminal and This is really hard to see in the table.

So I want to get you guys good brain and skill :)

how can I see it in the terminal ?

Terminal(intersystems) :

I can't see anything

another program :

It replaced ascii code 1 (=SOH) to  ┌ (Special Character)

I want to see like another program in Intersystems's terminal.

Thank you smart developers!

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Zwrite prints all control characters. E.g.

USER>set a = "val1" _ $C(1) _ "val2"

USER>write a
USER>zwrite a

Also zzdump:

USER>zzdump a

0000: 76 61 6C 31 01 76 61 6C 32                              val1.val2

Generally, I would advise to use $ListBuild to separate records

Basically $c(1) s a NONPRINTING character - it has to be invisible by definition.

Instead of WRITE command use ZWRITE to visualize it or $TRANSLATE function to make it visible.


USER>s ^rcc=$lts($lb(123,"abc",23432,"hak","uuk"),$c(1))

USER>w ^rcc
USER>zw ^rcc
0000: 31 32 33 01 61 62 63 01 32 33 34 33 32 01 68 61
0010: 6B 01 75 75 6B                                          k.uuk
USER>write $TR(^rcc,$c(1),"*")

I don't know what another telnet client you are using, but I suggest that in this client used some special font, which supports to show such invisible chars. ZWrite shows non-display characters as $char and ZZDump can just show everything as hex dump.