Jimmy Christian · Jul 19, 2019

Http Outbound Adapter Trace outgoing message

Hello All,

I have a outbound Http adapter.

How do i see the HTTP Request which is going out using Message Viewer or Trace? I want to see the entire message with the Headers and Body.


Jimmy Christian

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Hi Jimmy,

For such scenario, we should $$$Trace.

We can covert HTTP request to string and pass it in trace. $$$Trace can take string or anything inherited from ens.message.

In Production, in the corresponding Business Operation, find Enable trace setting. 

Then for next transaction, you can see the httprequest in trace.

Don't forget to disable the trace option once you are done, as we should try this only for debugging purpose.



Thanks Sourabh.  I was able to put some debug variables and troubleshoot the issue.

Appreciate your help.


Jimmy Christian

Thats a good suggestion.

I will check that option out and see how to use POSTMAN as a proxy. Will let you know.

Thank you Jeffrey.


If you're interested in just examining the headers and body generated by your request, you can install Postman and use it as a proxy. It will capture everything for you and present it in a very readable format.

Thank you Eduard.

Very informative article.