· Mar 24, 2022

How to write an ObjectScript Task to export Audit log to a directory and under which namespace?

Hi All,

Can you please guide me on how to programmatically write objectscript task to export audit log to a directory and what type of task should I set it to.

I want to achieve the same behaviour on the code as seen below 

Product version: IRIS 2020.2
$ZV: HealthShare 2020.2 [HealthShare Modules: Active Analytics:20.0.8620 + Core:20.0.8620 + Patient Index:20.0.8620] - IRIS for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux for x86-64) 2020.1 (Build 217_1_20418U) Tue Nov 17 2020 15:48:44 EST
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Hey Ephraim.

You will see from looking at the classmethod being called that there is a start date parameter which was left blank by Michael so that it will export everything up to the end date.

In your case, you could do the following to fulfil your example:

##class(%SYS.Audit).Export("AuditExport.xml",,,"2022-03-01 00:00:00","2022-04-11 23:59:59")

However this will only be useful to your specific date range, which is where Michaels use of $ZDT and $H come into play.

If you wanted to execute the task and have it return the last 30 days, you could do this:

##class(%SYS.Audit).Export("AuditExport.xml",,,$zdt($h-30,3)_" 00:00:00",$zdt($h,3)_" 23:59:59")

Hey Ephraim.

I have thrown together a task which should do what you need. The code is a bit verbose and could be cut down a touch, but hopefully it's human readable enough for you to pick out what its doing.

Effectively, it takes the current date to then grab a date from last month, and then gets the first and last date of that month to then use in the audit method.

Class Demo.Tasks.MonthlyAudit Extends %SYS.Task.Definition

Method OnTask() As %Status
    Set tSC = $$$OK

    //Get Current Date
    Set CurentDatetime = $ZDATETIME($HOROLOG,3)

    //The report needs to be for last month, so get a date from last month based on todays date
    Set LastMonth = $SYSTEM.SQL.DATEADD("MM",-1,CurentDatetime)

    //Get last Day of last month As Horolog
    Set LastDayHoro =  $SYSTEM.SQL.LASTDAY(LastMonth)

    //Convert Horolog into a Date
    Set LastMonthEnd = $ZDATETIME(LastDayHoro,3)

    //Get First Day of Last Month
    Set LastMonthStart = $SYSTEM.SQL.DATEPART("YYYY",LastMonthEnd)_"-"_$SYSTEM.SQL.DATEPART("MM",LastMonthEnd)_"-01"

    //Switch to the %SYS Namespace
    ZNspace "%SYS"

    Set tSC = ##class(%SYS.Audit).Export("AuditExport.xml",,,LastMonthStart_" 00:00:00",LastMonthEnd_" 23:59:59")

    Quit tSC


Then, when setting the task up, I would set it to run on the first Monday of the Month, and it will grab everything from the previous month.