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How to work locally with visual studio

Hi, I am trying to work with visual studio with the extensions offered by InterSystems, but I can't find any option to work locally, is there any way to do it?

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Link to documentation

Local way, is actually how it was designed by default, and how you'll get the best experience.

What issues did you face? 

In short how to start using it.

  • You need to configure access to your server through parameters under "objectscript.conn"
  • Use your local code, if you already have it, or export code from the server, once you are connected
  • Edit and save files as a usual file, will save it on the server and compile it, in case of any compilation issues it will notify you about it.

When I connect to the server, I export to my workspace the classes I want to modify, but every time I save it compiles and updates on the server, and I don't want that to happen. The ideal would be once exported the classes, not to have to connect to the server and to be able to work locally.

So, it will be like offline mode, not just local mode. In this case, you may just deactivate the connection, with "": false.

But, many features, which require an active connection to the server will not be available as well.

Just curious, what are the reasons to work this way?

The reason is to follow a dynamic similar to the one used in GIT. Each person works and saves his changes in local mode and once he has everything ready he uploads it to the repository. This avoids constant conflicts. And, finally, to be able to use the TFS to save versions of the classes.

Yeah, this is why you need to store files locally. And it's right.

But does not say why you need to work offline, how do you check if your code is working as expected?

Okay, you're right. And how do I save the files locally and not update them on the server? So I can decide when to upload it.

Still the same, only offline mode will save it only locally and will not save on server.

Why you don't want to update the server?

In the end it is a decision of the place where I work. Also one of the reasons is that we have to connect to a VPN to access the server, and if we simply want to see a code it is time we can save. But as you say, there are no compelling reasons to have to do it as I said.

And in atelier it was possible to do what I said and they were used to work like that.

Maybe run a local personal instance of IRIS that VS Code can use to compile the classes in. When your changes are ready, push your local file sources to the repo and have some other mechanism to pull them from there into the shared server.

Is there a single development server which all developers connect to?  If you are not able to have a fully isolated development environment for each developer then you will end up getting frustrated trying to use client-side source control.

You might want to consider the new server-side Git source control hooks which were recently launched:

This won't solve your issue of working while not on VPN, but it will allow multiple developers to work against the same instance without stepping on each others' toes.