· Feb 2, 2022

How to wait for OS command run with $zf(-100,"/ASYNC") to finish

I'm trying to write a method that runs an OS command with $zf(-100,"/ASYNC") and then waits for it to finish before returning, but I can't figure out how to check if the child process (in $zchild) is still running. $System.Process.State($zchild) always returns "RUN" even once the child process is gone. Is there some better way to check this, short of running another OS-specific command and processing the output (which is just really annoying and unelegant)?

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What I'm trying to do is manage the process spawned with $zf(-100) from ObjectScript. In short, if the ObjectScript process is killed or <INTERRUPT>ed (which you can't do while in a ZF state), I want to kill the spawned process as well.

More specifically, I have a main ObjectScript process that's monitoring an Angular build. It spawns another ObjectScript process that used to just call $zf(-100) synchronously to run a build script. This other process would then notify the parent via $System.Event when it's done. Normally this build script will run for a finite period of time, but I'm looking to run an Angular build with the --watch flag and terminate it when the user Ctrl+C's in Terminal.