sansa stark · Aug 5, 2016

How to use ZUTILS with Gmail, Facebook, Caché Terminal etc

How to open like gmail ,facebook,etc by using cache terminal using $ZU commands,Any one know ? please

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HI, Sansa. Please, be more specific with your question.

how to open a web page in a browser using $ZU?

On Window 7 following works:

USER>w $zf(-1, "start")

You should not be using $zu calls directly, as these are internal and subject to change. As Alexander suggested, you should use $zf(-1) (or $zf(-2))

Here's the version for windows and most linux distros:

ClassMethod RunPage(Url As %String = "")
    #Include %occOptions
    Set Browser = $Select($$$isWINDOWS:"start", $$$isUNIX:"x-www-browser", 1:"x-www-browser")
    Set Command = Browser _ " " _ Url
    Do $ZF(-1, Command)