· May 20, 2018

How to use unattended install to perform following tasks

Hi guys, I'm helping one of our customer to use unattended install to standardize their deployment. I'm using Unattended Installation and Installation Manifest

Although I can use the combination to install HealthConnect and then create namespaces and DBs as they need, there are still several tasks that I did not find the solution yet. As following:

1. Configure mirrors

2. Set the directory to store journals

3. For a given Ensemble name space, configure the period length in purging messages.

4. Set up some scheduled tasks to PurgeErrorsAndLogs or PurgeAudit

I wonder whether it is possible to use Unattended Installation or Installation Manifest or other approach to perform these tasks. Any suggestion or resource would be appreciated, thanks a lot!

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Thanks guys. I've finished the tasks except for mirroring.

When I use SYS.Mirror to create mirror set:

%SYS>set tSC = ##class(SYS.Mirror).CreateNewMirrorSet("TestSet",sysName,,)

It failed because:

SYS>zw tSC
tSC="0 "_$lb($lb(2066,,,,,,,,,$lb(,"%SYS",$lb("e^zCreateNewMirror+9^SYS.MirrorConfiguration.1^1","e^zCreateNewMirrorSet+48^SYS.Mirror.1^1","e^^^0"))))/* ERROR #2066: Mirroring Service is required but not enabled */

Then the question is how may I enable %Service_Mirror  programtically

Thanks again