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Thanks for ans Raj. What is use of proposal and i need one my concept is patient does not come hospital he/she is in home itself. practitioner will monitor when patient will go critical position by near by practitioner. So here we need lat/long with patient can you help this?. How we manage 

Yes i wrote MongoDB operation in resolver. The code is following below

module.exports.createPatient = function createPatient(



    context = {},


) {

    let { server, version, req, res } = context;

    console.log('inside the create patient', context.req.body);

    console.log('context.server.db', context.server.db);

    let db = context.server.db;

    let version = context.version;

    let logger = context.server.logger;

    return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {

        db.patients.create(context.req.body, (err, patient) => {

            console.log('error:', err);

            console.log('patient:', patient);

            if (err) {


                let error = errorUtils.internal(version, err.message);


            } else {






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