ED Coder · Apr 7, 2020

How to start a job in ensemble

Hi, this might be a silly question, but how can I start a job in ensemble? I am getting the update button, and my business service is not restarting.


it says 1 new job to be started, but where can I start the job? Would appreciate your help on this

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Hi Eric,

Ensemble manage all automaticaly.

Could you post the content of tah Log Tab? 

Hi Cristiano, 

thank you for getting back to me. You were right, our end point was down, and automatically the adapter was dequeued. As soon the connection was re-established it worked. 

The adapter status confused me, sorry. 

thank you so much. 



Cristiano has a good suggestion but this issue could also depend on the various settings. You've censored pretty much everything so it's difficult to troubleshoot.

Hi Vic, 

Thank you for reviewing my question. I had to censor everything :) but the adapter status changed as soon as the end point was connected. I thought it was a status that I had to update on the job and that confused me. 



Hi Eric David,

First close production completely.

Open terminal and change to your namespace and run below command as shown in below image.

Do ##class(Ens.Director).CleanProduction()

Then now start production again.

I hope this will allow to start production smoothly.

InterSystems documentation states that this method should never be used in a live, deployed environment. It will remove all messages from queues, along with other state management data.