· Mar 15, 2019

How to shrink a WIJ

I have a DR Mirror   with a WIJ that is 5 times as large as the Primary Failover member. My Read-Write Reporting mirror WIJs are the same size as the Primary.  I don't  know why the DR WIJ i so large and would like to shrink it to the same size as the others.  Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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It can be a sign of too long Write Daemon buffer queues on your DR Backup member. The reason for it can be insufficient throughput of its disk i/o subsystem and/or problems with disk i/o. I should start with looking through cconsole.log for messages indicating:

  • abnormal latency of disk access
  • Write Daemon non-responsive "more than 5 minutes" states
  • Write Daemon panic
  • and so on.

Next step would be start pButtons monitoring around the clock to indicate the guessed issue(s) more selectively. Looking at OS performance logs can be helpful as well.