· Jan 22

How should I go about updating Security Configuration in a Mirror environment?

We recently went through an Audit of our Security Policies and Procedures when it comes to IRIS. As a result of that Audit, we need to make adjustments to the way that Security is setup within IRIS. I have already done my changes on our TEST and DEVELOPMENT environments, but now I am trying to plan out how do we make these changes in Production.

These changes include moving away from the PWS, setting up Apache/Web Gateway, moving to LDAP instead of using Delegated Authentication, updating Web Applications, updating Resources, updating Services, etc...

To minimize the impact on our system, does anyone see an issue if I go ahead and make the necessary changes on our DR (Async), and Backup node within the MIRROR prior to scheduling a failover from the Primary Node to get it updated as well?

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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Hi Scott,

This is the best practice to do the changes on other mirror members before doing on Primary member. Before making changes in your DR and Backup nodes, it's recommended to test the process in a controlled environment that mimics your production setup. Take a backup of IRISSYS.DAT before making any changes. This ensures that you have a recovery point in case anything goes wrong.