Evgeny Shvarov · May 21, 2017 1m read

How to Search Developer Community Better

Hi, Community!

We have a lot of good articles posted on Community to the date. Even more questions with great answers (see the stats). Thank you for your contribution!

So sometimes it worth to use search to find an answer or the best practices or the post you remember was posted but cannot find. 

We have the internal search functionality which you can use from the search field on any page. 

But saying frankly today the results of internal search engine leave room for improvement.

But, the community is open site with text so it's searchable by Google too.  So, you can use Google to search the community. To do this type: your_search_phrase

In google search and it would try to find your_search_phrase only within Developer Community pages.

E.g. here are the results for iKnow on Developer Community.

To make the google search usage more handy we introduced this link in Search menu:


Anyway we would fix the internal search engine soon and hope it would be better than Google ;)

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First with tools we already have here: drupal and solr.

We keep iFind and iKnow in mind, already did first approach to iKnow Analytics and I think it would be a nice option too.

Search improved in August 2017. More info here.

Good! Now can IS do something about shrinking replies?
I also find it difficult to remember that the reply cannot be  marked as ANSWER.

Most of times I end up clicking on "Add comment" instead of creating a reply that could be marked as answer.

Hi, [@rubens.silva]!

You mean we shouldn't be shrinking replies?

But how about indent in the discussion tree? I think indent helps to follow the discussion. Thoughts?