· Oct 29, 2020

how to restore the backup file from 2015 version to 2017 cache version by using .cbk file

Hi All,

Can you please guide me on how to restore the .cbk file from the 2015 Cache version into the 2017 version or any other versions of Cache or IRIS software? I have a new instance on my server. It's an entirely new server. I have a .cbk backup file.  I want to restore the backup file into a new namespace which one I will create on my new server.  When I am trying on ^DBREST utility, I am getting "This is not a Cache Backup File" this error. 

Please advise on this. It's a bit urgent.


Arun Kumar. 

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For Caché, the restore should just be compatible. I just tested restoring a 2015 cbk to 2017 and confirmed that. For IRIS you'd need additional steps.

Supported Version Interoperability (docs for Caché 2017.2)

I'd look into confirming that the cbk isn't corrupt for whatever reason. Can you restore it on the original system? Perhaps you can review the checksum? Maybe you can try taking a new online backup or an external backup?

Outside of that, I'd second Robert's suggestion to reach out to the WRC (especially if the problem is urgent). Does the organization you are working with/for have a support contract?