· Jun 3, 2016

How to remove a job PID from a production


A file-based business service uses a local path on a Linux machine that is actually a mounted CIFS share. The mount is "soft" and is designed to not cache data, etc. There are times however when the remote system offering up the share (it's a Windows machine I believe) gets bounced or otherwise hung up the business service in the Ensemble production just hangs.

Un-mounting the network share doesn't affect it, no process kill command affects it, and even going so far as to "kill -9" the process outside of Cache does nothing, either.  So the "Update Production" button stays lit and the job never goes away - even if at the system level the connectivity to the shared mount point is restored. 

Question - The job is gonzo and won't come back, ever, is there a way to "surgically remove" the PID from the list of the jobs the production "thinks" is there? I don't care if the PID is zombied, or for whatever reason not responding, I just want to make the production "forget" that PID is part of the running production. That way I can start another instance of the business service until such time as a bounce of the production or reboot of the machine is scheduled and performed.

Any advice is welcome! Thanks!

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