· Feb 20, 2020

How open a single studio when i call multipe cstudio.exe


I open a specific file into a studio by using this command : Cstudio.exe /Servername=HEALTHSHARE/Namespace=User /files=MyClass.CLS

I would like not open a new studio when i execute a second time the command with one other file.

I would like open the second file in the same studio that the first file (I have to keep 2 calls)

For exemple  :

--> Studio is closed:

1 st call : Cstudio.exe /Servername=HEALTHSHARE/Namespace=User /files=MyClass.CLS

--> Studio open with my MyClass.CLS file

2 nd call : Cstudio.exe /Servername=HEALTHSHARE/Namespace=User /files=MyClass2.CLS

-->  I would like to open the second file (MyClass2.CLS) in the same studio (already open) that the first file(MyClass.CLS)

How can i do that ? Is it possible with 2 calls ?

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Actually i have 2 name space.

- One with rest request received and an other one with the code (cls, mac, etc).

CSP request arrived into the first namespace who dispatch into the second namespcae (work fine).

When i selected the rest road into the first namspace, i want to open the linked class (to the road) into the second namespace.

When i selected many road, i want open only one studio with linked class.

I want to 


Keep in mind that Studio is VERY namespace centric.  A single running instance of CStudio can only talk to a single namespace at a time. Even running multiple copies of CStudio can run into issues related to this and how projects track the information.

As Dmitriy Maslennikov has indicated you can look at Visual Studio code with the VSCode-ObjectScript plug-in as long as you are on Cache 2016.2+ or IRIS.  You can also use the Atelier plugin for Eclipse (Photon version only) which has much the same capabilities.

One last thought is why you have two namespaces?  If this is just to separate the code from the application data then you really don't need two namespaces.  You need to configure a single namespace to reference the two databases, one for data and one for code.  I would review the documentation for Namespace to be sure you are on the right track.

I would also encourage you to engage with your sales engineer to review your architecture and development direction.