Patty Aguirre-Romero · Jan 4

How to make HL7 ORM message wait in Iris until an acknowledgement is received from the EMR system?

We will receive an ORM message in Business Service in Iris. From that ORM, an ADT^A31 message will be generated and sent out to the EMR before the ORM message is sent out. The ORM message has to wait until Iris receives an acknowledgement from the EMR indicating the ADT message was received. Then, the ORM message will be sent to the EMR. What do I need to set up to hold the ORM message until the acknowledgement is received? 

Thank you!

Patty Aguirre-Romero

Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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The simplest solution is to make sure the ADT transform/send rule is called before the ORM transform/send rule in the routing rule, set the router's pool size to 1, and enable the "Force Sync Send" option in the router. What happens to the ORM message when the ADT message is NAKed, though, may be problematic.

If you want more granular control over this processing, invoke the transformations and subsequent calls to the operation via a BPL instead of a router. You will be able to evaluate the ACK/NAK response from the called Business Operation responsible for sending the ADT message and take appropriate measures for processing/suspending the ORM message.

Thank you so much Jeffrey! We'll enable the "Force Sync Send". It is the first time we'll use that feature. We'll begin testing in the next few weeks; so, I'll keep your instructions handy. I might need to come back to this post with more questions though.  :-)