John Murray · Mar 10, 2016

How to make "Check for Updates" work

In a comment on this post in the Field Test - 2016.2 community Bill McCormick suggested using Atelier's "Check for Updates" option from the Help menu. Here's what I get:

Clicking "Yes" gets me here:

Looks like I need to use the "Add..." button:

What URL should I enter here?

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Thanks Dmitry. That worked, upgrading me from 1.0.107 to 1.0.112

It should work automatically with recent clients. I am uncertain what build you were trying to update from but as of mid february we should be prepopulating the URL for you

It would be handy if we would see and be able to check some version or build number.

If I look at the installed plugins, the all seem the have some sort of timestamp: 20151118, which doesn't look very up-to-date to me. Using the suggested link by Dmitry doesn't work for me: No Updates Found

Just go to "About Atelier"


There is a splash screen and it should show something like:


Version: 1.0.112


Which is build 112 of Atelier. We switched to this scheme about a month ago John.

No version info

I don't know if the image shows up, but there is no version info to be seen.

Hermain, I think yours predates the point where ISC implemented the ability to update Atelier from within Atelier. I suggest you download the latest kit and install that. Thereafter you ought to be able to update from within. But bear in mind I'm not an ISC person, so my advice might be incorrect.

John, I've just did that and indeed that did the trick.

I had the initial version, which probably didn't had the version info and update facility.

Terrific.. thank you for confirming Herman.


And isn't that slick? :)

I think this post of mine may have predated the Question/Article distinction in DC, so the responses show as Comments rather than Answers. I'm adding this "answer", and then accepting it, in order to remove it from the "unanswered" and "no answer" lists.