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That is the most Likely cause, check the Message Type Field in the MSH. It Should show you the Message Code, the Trigger Event and the Message Structure. The Message Code would be ADT, the Trigger Event A31 and the Base Message Structure which in this example is ADT_A05

Another approach is to capture the contents of the message and write it into Notepad and save it as a .txt file and then from the Ensemble ->Interoperate -> HL7 V2.x ->HL7 Message Viewer, Select File from the Document Source Drop Down, locate your file, ignore the Document Number in File field, Then select the "Use ontent Declared Version Name". Your H7 message should be displayed and provided it is structurally sound the fields will all be in blue and hyperlinked and if you hover over any field you will get the Name displayed

Hey Muhammad.

This should happen automatically when the message schema is applied.

So, if this is based on an inbound HL7 service, then the Schema must be set in service using the setting "MessageSchemaCategory":

Alternatively, if you are generating the message using the test option for a process/operation, then you can set the HL7 Document Property from the test options: