· Apr 1, 2017

How to enable CORS in Cache Rest Services


I tried to access one server to another server in Cache Rest Service, I tried 

Parameter HandleCorsRequest = 1;


<Route Url="/data/:first/:second" Method="GET" Call="GetData" Cors="true"/>

But not working,

Can anyone tell me the solution??

Thanks in advance!!

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You can put some code in the OnHandleCorsRequest to debug or monitor the CORS handling :

/// This is the CORS request handler. User should override this method in their subclass
/// if they don't want the default behavior
ClassMethod OnHandleCorsRequest(pUrl As %String) As %Status
    #; The default implementation is simply to dispatch to the
    #; default handler
    Set tOrigin=$Get(%request.CgiEnvs("HTTP_ORIGIN"))
    Set ip = $Get(%request.CgiEnvs("REMOTE_ADDR"))
    Set method = $Get(%request.CgiEnvs("REQUEST_METHOD"))
    set ^debug($i(^debug))=$lb($ZD($H,8),$ZT($P($H,",",2)),pUrl,tOrigin,ip,method)
    Quit ..HandleDefaultCorsRequest(pUrl)