· Oct 11, 2019

How do you Resend Messages from Event Logged sessions?

Hi -

I was recently working with an HL7 message processing production, and some of the HL7 messages were failing the HL7 message router's configured validation. In this basic context, the messages were delivered and then the router would log an event for the message and move on to the next message in the inbound queue. Within the Visual Trace, the event is marked as expected, but from the Message Viewer, there wasn't any searchable/filterable context that would let me get a list of these validation failing messages so they could be resent, and from within the Event Log display, the sessions are all listed, but there doesn't seem to be a means by which the Event Log could be filtered down to a collection for re-sending.

Is there a simple method for finding these messages as a group for resending with creating some sort of custom code?

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I'm assuming you don't have "Act on Validation Error" enabled in the router's settings  ... in which case the message will be set to Completed status even though it failed validation.

If you enable "Act on Validation Error" its status will be set to Error; you'll then be able to select for that status in the Message Viewer and resend. Note that with this setting enabled, you may want to set "Reply Code Actions" to do something other than the default, such as sending the messages to the Suspended Messages facility.

Another option would be to specify a Bad Message Handler; this forwards failed validations to a business host where other actions can be taken such as alerting or logging to a file. You'll also have the option of resubmitting those messages to their original destination by specifying a new target in the Message Viewer's Resend facility.