· Jun 4, 2020

How to Count the Number of OBX groups in a message using objectscript alone

Dear All, 

I am currently working on a project to record ORU^R01 into a global for a particular set of tests.

I have multiple OBX repeats that need to go into a specific fields withing one row/ record on the global.

I am having trouble finding a way to either count or loop though the OBX's correctly in ObjectScript often with the counter being undefined.

I have done this this way, as I am building upon an existing class to populate this global.

The latest iteration of my obx looping code is below:


// handle repeating obx's by setting count of value    
            set segcnt = pMsg.SegCountGet()
            ///count no of obx repeats
            for segmentIndex = 1:1:segcnt{
               IF pMsg.FindSegment("OBX",segmentIndex,.sc)='"",$$$ISOK(sc) {
                    set obxcnt = obxcnt+1}
            for obxIndex=1:1:obxcnt {
                    // Check for OBX-3.1 = "CodeA" f
                    IF GetValueAt("OBX("_obxIndex_"):3.1") = "SARS" {
                        set CovRes.Ward = "CodeA"
                        set tResultAB = $ZSTRIP(GetValueAt("OBX("_obxIndex_"):5(1)"),"<>W")
                      IF tResultAB = "Positive" {
                            set CovRes.TotalAbPositive = 1
                       elseif tResultAB = "Negative" {
                            set CovRes.TotalAbPositive = 0
                    // Check for OBX-3.1 = "CodeB" 
                    elseIF GetValueAt("OBX("_obxndex_"):3.1") = "CodeB" {
                        set tResultAB = $ZSTRIP(GetValueAt("OBX("_obxIndex_"):5(1)"),"<>W")
                        If tResultAB = "Positive" {
                            set CovRes.IgGPositive = 1

 Please could someone assist.



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Disclaimer:  I'm by far not an expert in Ensemble/Cache

Since your inbound is set to DocType is 2.4:ORU_R01, below is the segment path for OBX

Schema Category: 2.4
Message Structure: ORU_R01
Segment Structure: OBX

Path you followed to get to this Segment Structure:  PIDgrpgrp().ORCgrp().OBXgrp().OBX

You will need to set the index on the PIDgrpgrp and ORCgrp or if you always receive 1 PID segment and 1 ORC segment, then those values can be set to 1.  I ran the following code snippet using 2.4 ORU DocType and obxCounter returned the OBX segment count.

 set obxCounter=source.GetValueAt("PIDgrpgrp("_(1)_").ORCgrp("_(1)_").OBXgrp("_("*")_")")

Hi Kevin,

I had gone down your route in the end. 

I had been using the FindSegment method from the EnsLib.HL7.Message, which uses the 2nd input variable, however I was having issues implementing the key byref.

Creating my own counter using the same as you suggested with   

"set obxCounter=source.GetValueAt("PIDgrpgrp("_(1)_").ORCgrp("_(1)_").OBXgrp("_("*")_")") "  and then using the full HL7 segment structure to retrieve the fields removed all woes.

Thank you Vic for your help too, I think my use of the FindSegment method was causing my issues.

Glad you were able to figure this out.  As an additional note, the syntax Kevin suggested is a bit unusual as it is concatenating parenthetical sections. It shouldn't be necessary to do that - when you try to concatenate "(1)" you are just concatenating "1".

The following both work identically: