· Jun 3, 2019

How connect an BO FHIR with an Database?

I use rest service on Health Connect and will has utilized HL7 FHIR for get information of external database. But i don't find exemplo in oficial documentation.
Someone to utilize the HL7 FHIR for info request in to external database?

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To use FHIR in HealthConnect you will probably want to start with the installer kits. Each of these will add some bits and pieces of functionality to your current working production:

For example, to install a foundation namespace and add FHIR STU3 support to it:

SET nNamespace = "FHIR"

// Switch to the HSLIB so we can call our installer methods

// Make the new namespace
SET sc = ##class(HS.HC.Util.Installer).InstallFoundation(nNamespace)
THROW:$$$ISERR(sc) ##class(%Exception.StatusException).CreateFromStatus(sc)

// Add in all of the FHIR components and create a web app
SET sc = ##class(HS.HC.Util.Installer.Kit.FHIR.HealthConnect).Add( , nNamespace, "STU3", "/csp/healthshare/" _ nNamespace _ "/fhir/stu3", "/csp/healthshare/" _ nNamespace _ "/fhir-oidc/stu3")
THROW:$$$ISERR(sc) ##class(%Exception.StatusException).CreateFromStatus(sc)

Once you have this installed, you can use a custom business process to coordinate all of the downstream calls to the external systems. For example, your production might request downstream resources and construct a FHIR response bundle from them.

Well one thing is to be sure that the external database implements a FHIR server and that you have the necessary access information and credentials.   They have to be able to accept the REST call per the FHIR standard.  If this is not in place all is not lost.  You can still use other methods access the external database, the method depends on what options are provided.  You just could not use FHIR.

BTW, if I understand you correctly Health Connect would be acting as a FHIR client in this usage, not a server.