· Oct 5, 2023

How can I use macros within a break?

I am currently debugging a piece of code relying heavily on macros. I am using breaks in the method to then check the values of macros and object properties as I go. However, any time I invoke a macro within a break I get an error. To get around this I am converting the macro calls into the underlying code. Some of these macros have messy translations and this is somewhat time consuming. Is there an easier way to access macros from within a break?

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Generally we can't execute the macros directly in terminal, studio output. The Macro preprocessor aka MPP do converts the marcos into the expression or function at the time of compilation. So, You can open and use the .int file for the specific code. 

 write $$$EnsMajorVersion ;
 write $system.Version.GetMajor() ; 

Get the relevant value of macros and execute it in terminal or output window.