· Mar 16, 2016

How can I pass multiple parameters to an Ensemble REST service and return an authorization token as a response JSON message

This question came on the Ensemble in Healthcare email list. It's a great question. I'm working on an answer, but am posting it here to get any other input. I'll also address the option of using %CSP.REST.

Hello everyone,


Using Intersystems Healthshare/Ensemble, I am trying to make a RESTful Interface between Android/iOS app and Cache database. I have some queries and I am unable to find where exactly I can get any resources on them.


1. By extending the EnsLib.REST.Service class, I have so far made some basic methods like if the interface receives and email ID via a GET request, it checks if its exists in the database and pulls out the password for the account. However, I want to know if we can send back some sort of authorization token or api key as part of the JSON response packet, as a way of notifying the user that his account is authenticated? Also, the key or token will be stored in the mobile cache and used for further calls from the app.


2.  Till now, to test the service I so far developed, I am calling the interface by a URL as follows - 


But as you can see I am able to pass only one parameter (which is the email ID at last). I wanted to ask what if I have multiple parameters?

I guess I can restructure the URL something like this ->


But is there any alternative to this? For example, what if I want to receive a JSON request packet (which will have these parameters) and then parse it to extract these parameters and then call my service appropriately? Can this be done?


3. I want to provide this basic interface to the app developers, just for testing purposes. I want to know if there exists some kind of testing environment, so that I can share the URL with developers and they can make the calls to test it. The developers would be accessing the interface remotely (not from the same network which I am connected to).


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi Scott,

I am a newbie here, so my queries are a little basic.

I tried to change the format of URL like this http://localhost:57772/myDemo/myService/UserAccounts?

But, then I get an error in my service which is s follows:

ERROR <Ens>ErrGeneral: Unsupported REST URL: / for HTTP command GET

Can you tell me why this didn't work?


Hi Herman,

I tried to modify my code as per your suggestions. The URLinside route is set to /UserAccounts. But, it didn't work. I have added trace elements to check what I receive.

The _tEmailID element for which I used the %request.Get, it does not receive the parameter passed to it.

The Event log for service shows that _tEmailID is empty.

 Can you have a look at my method and suggest anything if I have missed? Is it required to add any library to use %request?

Method retrieveAccount(pInput As %Library.AbstractStream, Output pOutput As %Stream.Object) As %Status
set status = $$$OK
  SET tEmailID = %request.Get("account")
  $$$TRACE("tEmaildID = "_tEmailID)
&sql(SELECT EmailID,Password INTO :email,:pwd FROM InstaTemp.ISAccounts WHERE EmailID = :tEmailID )

$$$TRACE("email = "_email)
set tProxy = ##class(%ZEN.proxyObject).%New()
  set tProxy.Email = tEmailID
  set tProxy.Pwd = "no password"
  set tProxy.SqlCode = SQLCODE
    set tProxy.Email = email
  set tProxy.Pwd = pwd
  set tProxy.SqlCode = SQLCODE 
  //set tProxy = ##class(%ZEN.proxyObject).%New()
  //set tProxy.Email = email
  //set tProxy.Pwd = pwd
  // You could just write the output manually or use helper methods like ..ObjectToJSONStream() to generate JSON
  do pOutput.SetAttribute("Content-Type","application/json")
  do pOutput.Write("[")
  Set tOut=##class(%IO.StringStream).%New()
  do ..ObjectToJSONStream(tProxy,.tOut)
  do tOut.Rewind()
  do pOutput.Write( tOut.Read() )
  do pOutput.Write("]"_$C(13,10))
catch (e) {
set status = e.AsStatus()
      quit status

I'm sorry, I missed the Ensemble part.
I was referring to the %CSP.REST class.
I don't know what version of Ensemble you use, but at least in 2015.1 it seems that the Enslib.REST.Service doesn't copy the %request.Data values (the query parameter values) into the attributes of the pInput stream.

But at least they should be available to you in the %request.Data array (accessible by %request.Get(var)), why that is the case in your situation I can't see, it has got nothing to do with your method, but somewhere 'upstream'.


I had the same case because I don't use %CSP.REST, so I used the code below to get the parameters of the URL.

URL: http://ipbrdmzvlx163:9980/teste/api/v1/person?type=val&card=gold&type=phill

Set param1=$Get(pInput.Attributes("URL")) $$$LOGERROR("param1: "_param1)
Set param2=$Get(pInput.Attributes("Params","type",1)) $$$LOGERROR("param2: "_param2)
Set param3=$Get(pInput.Attributes("Params","card",1)) $$$LOGERROR("param3: "_param3)
Set param4=$Get(pInput.Attributes("Params","type",2)) $$$LOGERROR("param4: "_param4)

Event Log


'; content += ''; return content; }, "modalShow": function() { // add ensExceptionModalGroup to class for floating div var modalGroup = EnsException.modalGroup; if (modalGroup) { var div = modalGroup.getFloatingDiv(); if (div) div.className += ' ensExceptionModalGroup'; } // override default behaviour -- user must make a choice var mouseTrap = document.getElementById('zenMouseTrap'); if (mouseTrap) mouseTrap.onmouseup = null; }, "modalDelete": function() { // clean up floating div var modalGroup = EnsException.modalGroup; if (modalGroup) { var div = modalGroup.getFloatingDiv(); if (div && div.parentNode) { div.parentNode.removeChild(div); } } } } window.zenUserExceptionHandler = EnsException.exceptionHandler;
 TipoIDHora de RegistroSessãoProcessoOrigemTexto
 Info5992016-05-10 14:44:54.106 65352Demo.REST.MathServiceClosing TCP Connection Job
 Info5982016-05-10 14:44:54.105 65352Demo.REST.MathServiceDisconnecting from 9980<-
 Erro5962016-05-10 14:44:54.099 65352Demo.REST.MathServiceparam4: phill
 Erro5952016-05-10 14:44:54.098 65352Demo.REST.MathServiceparam3: gold
 Erro5942016-05-10 14:44:54.098 65352Demo.REST.MathServiceparam2: val
 Erro5932016-05-10 14:44:54.096 65352Demo.REST.MathServiceparam1: /teste/api/v1/person
 Info5922016-05-10 14:44:54.076 65352Demo.REST.MathServiceConfigItem 'Demo.REST.MathService' started in job 65352
 Info5912016-05-10 14:44:54.071 43268Demo.REST.MathServiceDisconnecting from 9980<-
 Info5902016-05-10 14:44:54.057 43268Demo.REST.MathServiceNew connection on port 9980 from