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1. Navigate to the documentation by right clicking the HealthShare icon in your system tray and clicking Documentation. (You could also access Documentation if you have a Management Portal screen open and you're logged into one of your instances. Once logged into the Management Portal > Click the Home tab at the top left > Look in the Links section at the bottom right > Click Documentation).

2. Once inside the documentation search the below. The documentation I was referring to is this article. I followed it and had no issues accessing my SDA extension properties in Information Exchange.  If this article does not help you then I would suggest getting with the WRC who would provide support to you.

Hi Jeferson -

The online documentation has pretty great resources available describing the process in detail. I know this because I have referenced it many times in the past since SDA Extensions were made available. I don't have the exact link but if you search 'SDA Extensions' something should come up. Have you tried this?



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