Md Asif Khalil · Apr 12, 2020

How to add pdfbox-2.x jar in Ensemble

Hi All, 

I am trying to add pdfbox-2.0.18.jar file into Ensemble and getting below error but with pdfbox-1.x it's working fine. So can anybody please assist me to do fix below issue as showing in screen shot.



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Hi Asif.

We recommend that you don't import whole library in Java Gateway Wizard.

Create simple wrapper class with methods that you are going to call from Ensemble. And import only that class.

Specify library only as a classpath.

With that approach Ensemble will create only basic proxy class.

Thanks Alexander for your thought and suggestion,

I think, in this approach we need to change the library rapidly whenever any other new class/method want to be used  later on demand.

So is there any alternate way to add complete jar into Ensemble. So that I can fix Java Gateway Wizard challenges.